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Life is a journey.

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The essential tools:

+ an open heart
+ an understanding of the spirit within
+ a desire to overcome all obstacles in achieving your individual destiny
+ an understanding of the need for persistence
+ a tenanciousness that is unique but not dogged
+ the will to continue learning
+ a direct & honest approach
+ a search for personal challenges & self-improvement
+ an aspiration for spiritual growth
+ an acceptance of change & loss
+ the courage to fail
+ the courage to try again
+ calculated risk-taking behavior
+ a strong vulnerability
+ the ability to ask for things clearly
+ the ability to say no firmly
+ an ornate simplicity
+ a refusal to be made to feel insecure by anyone
+ a propensity to focus & build on personal life experiences
+ the relentless pursuit of excellence, a ruthless compassion
+ a dedication to finding the truth in every situation
+ an acceptance of fear & agression as valid sources of personal power
+ the resolve to walk away when necessary*

Pack these items together tightly. Keep it close to your heart. Add a journal & a sparkly pen to keep your thoughts in order & a camera to chronicle your amazing life. & above all else, remember this: never, ever forget yourself.

*from Girlosophy: A Soul Survival Kit, written by Anthea Paul.


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

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