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How will you fill your summer days?

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Here’s a challenge for you: fill your days with something other than technology. Sure, I love it too, but think of how precious your day could be if you turned off your cell, your iPod, your televison, your computer, & just spent the entire days – all 24 hours of it – reading, playing, walking, or anything else you can think of that doesn’t involve some sort of electronic device.

It’ll be tougher than you think.

I’m going to try & take one day out of each weekend this summer to do this. I’ve made quite a summer reading list, & I think it’d be quite lovely to reach those goals. Board games, long walks, bike rides… sounds like a fantastic summer to me. My days will be packed – what about yours?


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

One thought on “How will you fill your summer days?

  1. My plan this summer is to spend time every day with my flowers or my vegetable garden! It feels so good to have a decent sized garden again after several years with just a little patch. All the perennials, herbs and annuals that I have planted are doing well and I can’t wait to start taking photos of them when everything is in bloom. My gardens are my therapy for this summer!

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