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100 (mostly) Free Things To Do This Summer

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Happy First of June! Technically, summer won’t begin until the 21st, but the season certainly starts long before. Summer brings to mind swimming, watermelon, the inevitable sunburn, & all kinds of fun.

But it also means vacations, amusement park admission, camp fees, & pool costs. These seem like the trademarks of a typical summer day – and they can add up fast.

It seems like everything is so expensive these days, but you know what? They don’t have to be! Summer should be a time of relaxing & fun in the sun, & absolutely NOT a time to be stressing about money. This year, pledge to take a break from spending tons of money & take a “stay-cation” instead. There are so many amazing & fun things to do that don’t cost a single penny! I made a list of 100 generic things you can do to make this the best summer yet, & most of them are completely free!!

001 take an extra long bike ride
002 walk through the park
003 attend programs at your public library
004 pick wildflowers in your state park
005 make homemade ice cream
006 fly a kite
007 complete a puzzle on your front porch
008 sell lemonade
009 start a weekly kickball outing in your neighborhood
010 check out local museums & attractions
011 read books from your library
012 re-live your childhood through jump rope games
013 teach a child cat’s cradle
014 attend AMC’s Movies for Charity for $1
015 have a picnic in your backyard
016 rollerblade on a local trail
017 make a scrapbook of everything you do
018 hone your photography skills
019 learn a foreign language
020 plant trees
021 create a sandsculpture
022 bury a time capsule
023 research your family tree
024 learn to geocache
025 play board games at the local park
026 swim at a local lake
027 start soccer or kickball in the park
028 check your community’s calender for free events at the town square, amphitheatre, & other places
029 participate in your library’s summer reading program
030 camp in your background
031 grow your own herbs
032 make delicious food with them!
033 collect shells at the beach
034 fill a jar with fireflies
035 make popsicles with koolaid
036 free your life of excess junk & donate unwanted items
037 grow your own watermelons
038 roast hot dogs over a bonfire
039 play a game of freeze tag
040 volunteer to pick up litter in your neighborhood
041 make dandelion crowns for everyone you love
042 bury someone at the beach
043 play hopscotch on your sidewalk
044 teach all the kids in your neighborhood clapping games
045 read that big fat classic you’ve always wanted to
046 have a community potluck
047 grow a monarch butterfly
048 volunteer at a local camp or VBS
049 set up the sprinkler in your back yard
050 attend outdoor concerts of your local community band/orchestra
051 plan a weekend trip to the nearest national park
052 play tag in the rain
053 attend local festivals
054 watch for cheap nights at your local minor league sports team
055 have an outdoor night time party with friends
056 borrow a projector from a friend & show movies on your house
057 visit the county fair
058 host a Monopoly tournament in the park
059 attend free events & performers at your local mall
060 nap in the sunshine
061 learn to birdwatch
062 organize a neighborhood dance
063 invest time in guerrilla gardening
064 attend local community theatre
065 stargaze
066 sketch your favorite places
067 start each morning by jumping rope
068 cover the sidewalk in beautiful art
069 attend local classes, lectures, & workshops
070 people watch downtown
071 browse through local antique stores
072 watch the sunset somewhere spectacular
073 eat breakfast outside
074 plant a vegetable garden
075 learn to preserve them for the whole year
076 spend the morning feeding the ducks
077 have a sleepover with your friends just like you did as kids
078 swap books with your friends
079 spend an afternoon skipping stones
080 spend a day watching old Disney movies
081 visit the local botanical gardens
082 grow flowers to attract birds & butterflies
083 take pictures as they arrive
084 create a blog to show them off!
085 finally learn to hula hoop
086 help a neighbor tend their garden
087 have a neighorbood water fight
088 set your dinner table outside & eat under the stars
089 go skinny dipping
090 climb a tree
091 finish your classic there!
092 leave inspirational messages in chalk throughout your community
093 create a nature scrapbook
094 visit the local playground
095 take the couch potato to 5k challenge
096 go to a fancy dress shop & try on lots of pretty things
097 spend the ‘Fourth playing with sparklers
098 take a long bike ride with your best friend
099 have a “cultural heritage” neighborhood party
100 make a to-do list of everything you want to do this summer!

Be sure to check out all the local stuff in your neighborhood – depending on where you are, there could be literally hundreds of free things going on. The community I’m in has weekly tribute bands in their amphitheatre, & they’re totally free. Our library has tons of events & programs too, for people of all ages. Movie nights, guest speakers, teen parties, workshops… & we don’t charge anything to attend.

Whatever you choose to do, make this summer one to never forget!!


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

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