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Ice cream recipes from around the ‘net

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I LOVE ice cream. I could give up a lot in life, but I don’t think I could ever give this up. Believe it or not, ice cream is actually quite easy to make, although an ice cream maker is a definite plus. They sell them at Target for as inexpensive as $30, but you can also make pretty decent ice cream without a machine as well.

Since I haven’t made a lot of it myself, I thought I’d use this as an index for ice cream recipes from around the internets!

» To begin, here’s a super simple Nutella Ice Cream recipe. You need just two ingredients: nutella & evaporated milk!

» Martha Stewart Living has a collection of recipes, including how to make Neapolitan & Pistachio varieties. Here, too, are some tips & tricks to get the perfect batch.

» Whole Food’s Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream is dairy- & gluten-free, & seems to be quite simple to modify. They suggest adding peaches or strawberries, but I think you could easily add chocolate chunks, nuts, or swap the vanilla extract for mint. Since I try to avoid dairy, this is the recipe I’d most like to try.

» Come fall, definitely try this recipe: Apple Cider Ice Cream. Sounds a bit complicated, but if it’s as good as it claims, it’d be totally worth it.

» Emeril’s Homemade Dulce de Leche Ice Cream has just five ingredients, & sounds simply divine.

» Another from Emeril, for the gourmet in all of us: Blue Cheese & Pear Ice Cream.

» Here’s a straightforward & easy recipe for Chocolate Ice Cream, courtesy of the Food Network.

» Peanut Butter Ice Cream is one of my favorite varieties, especially if you throw a bit of hot fudge on top.

» Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream for the minimalist, with only four ingredients. I don’t think it gets much more simple than that!

» I’ve had Lavender Ice Cream in the past, & it delicious. The flavors are so subtle, & just, mmm. So good.

» For all you raw fans out there, Whole Foods has a recipe for Raw Banana Ice Cream that sounds so good I might have to try it! It’s dairy- & gluten-free, vegetarian, & raw!

» Here’s something to try the next time you break out the waffle iron: Maple Ice Cream. Just make sure you don’t use the imitation chock full o’corn syrup variety.

» Alton Brown has a recipe for Serious Vanilla Ice Cream, which includes peach preserves!

» Not Eating Out in New York has a recipe for Carrot Curry Ice Cream. Care for an Asian spin on your favorite summertime treat?

» Finally, Food Network has an easy recipe to create Ice Cream Cake with what you’ve made! Enjoy!


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