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The Simplicity Project >> Try a natural body oil!

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This is the most recent change I’ve made, but as it’s so amazing, I just couldn’t save it any longer. A few weeks ago, Gala Darling posted all about her discovery of jojoba oil. More specifically, she claimed that it’s the elixir of the gods. High praise indeed!

Now, I adore Gala, as do so many of us, but I don’t always see eye to eye with her when it comes to make-up & consumption – I rather worry that the reason she doesn’t have the perfect skin she’s always looking for is because she uses so many different products! But her review, along with the comments from other people & reviews elsewhere had me hooked. I picked up a bottle of the stuff, & wow! I can honestly say that it works just as good as everyone claims. I used it at night, with two drops of tea tree oil, & a mere six hours later my pores were smaller & my skin simply glowed. Too good to be true, right?

It turns out that plant oils are fabulous for your skin: almond, jojoba, avocado, coconut, even olive oil! They align closely with our natural oils, & that’s what causes the skin to glow. Some people have complained that it makes their face a bit too shiny, but I’ve been swabbing off any excess after a few minutes with a tissue, so I’ve not experienced that sort of issue.

I’ve used this for a few weeks now, & I think I’m done using any other moisturizer. I cannot believe how happy my skin is with this simple, natural, old-fashioned remedy. My next step is to mix just a touch of caster oil; its said to be good for that annoying deep down gunk – although my pores have shrunk, & many seem to have disappeared, there’s still some grossness to be taken care of. It’s probably due to years of abuse & neglect by my ill-knowledged self. I have an odd combination of dry & extremely oily (nose & chin, but that’s it, so it’s not even really my t-zone!) skin that I’ve apparently been treating wrongly since puberty dawned. Wouldn’t you assume that the way to fix oily skin is to dry it out? Well, that’s all wrong – keep your skin moisturized, & everything is much happier. It didn’t help that I always assumed that my skin was straight-up oily, rather than combination, so I was choosing all the wrong products anyways. I’ll let you know how it goes! :)

Jojoba oil was $12 for four ounces at my local natural health store (I purchased the brand at the link). I use just a drop of it, so it should last forever. Don’t feel that jojoba is the only way to go – I’ll probably venture out & try some of the other oils later, but right now I’m in love with the silly sounding name. It’s pronounced “ho-ho-bah,” which is rather fun to say, no?


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