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The Simplicity Project >> Whiten your teeth naturally!


In my neverending quest for a more natural existence & better self-care, I stumbled across Natural Living, which is a great resource for any number of things. The members debate & discuss (& ignore the usual internet silliness) all aspects of living in harmony with nature, from herbal supplements to diet to aromatherapy to skin care. I’ve found many wonderful ideas, & those that’ve worked for me, I’ll be sure to pass along to you. This is one of the most successful things I’ve found!

I’ve never really had beautiful pearly white teeth – even after a routine cleaning. Blame the tea, the coffee, or the antibiotics I took as a child, but the fact remained that I didn’t have sparkly white teeth. In college, I tried using commercial whitening strips, but there was no way I could hold something on my teeth for half an hour. The box was passed on to someone else, & I felt doomed to a less-than-perfect smile.

Then someone in the community mentioned above said that they use peroxide & baking soda to whiten their teeth. I was a little hesitant to use peroxide in my mouth, but it’s right on the bottle that it can be used for mouthwash, & so I gave it a try. I pour a bit of peroxide in the lid, & then over my toothbrush. Put a bit of baking soda in my (clean & dry) hand, & then sprinkle over the toothbrush. Brush for a few minutes, & then rinse out as per usual.

At first, I only did this at night after brushing – & sure enough, after a week or so, my teeth were much whiter! After about two weeks of this, though, I began using this exclusively in place of toothpaste, & now about three months in, I’m quite happy. I still take a tube of the “regular” stuff with me when I travel anywhere, as a box & bottle are a bit unwieldy, but so far, I love it. My teeth are happy; my mouth feels clean, & the best part is that I no longer have a weird aversion to brushing (I brushed every day, but even in my twenties always dreaded it!) that a lifelong dislike of toothpaste flavor gave me. I find it much easier to brush the full recommended two minutes using the peroxide/baking soda combo, which ought to make my mouth happier & healthier in the long run.

I absolutely encourage everyone to try it for the whitening aspects. I don’t think that everyone can give up commercial toothpaste, but this is a much cheaper & natural option to get that brighter smile!


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

2 thoughts on “The Simplicity Project >> Whiten your teeth naturally!

  1. brusha, brusha, bru-sha…

  2. You know, I had heard about that before, but never knew it really worked! I mean, I guess there’s no reason it shouldn’t, but still. Since you say it does, I want to try it. Thanks!

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