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Okay, so: Story!


This is the story of why I couldn’t order our Chinese food before I left for work.

Brace yourself – it’s quite the epic story. Worth telling, nonetheless.

Next Thursday, we’re having the Mad Hatter’s Simply Maddening Tea Party at my library in celebration of the new Alice in Wonderland movie. The teens are quite excited, & as such, on Tuesday we went shopping for all the various things you need to put on a fabulous teen program. After picking up some sundry items from Target, we went to Hot Topic to get some prizes – buttons & keychains, etc. It’s always fun talking to the people who work there, now that I am no longer they’re target demographic. I mentioned we were having the party, & they say hey! You should bring us some flyers, & we’ll put them out here!


Yesterday, Wednesday, my co-worker Steve & I attended a meeting at one of our branch locations. I offered to drive, since I don’t always have the car (my fiance & I share one), & often bum rides off Steve. I took along some flyers with me, so we could drop them off at the mall on our way back. We also made a quick stop at a local used paperback bookstore – hey, we are librarians, after all. There was an issue with the door (I drive a rather old car), but in the end we realized that the seatbelt was simply caught & thus the door could actually be shut completely.

Then we go to the mall, stop & Hot Topic & drop off the flyers. Eventually, we make it back to the library – at which point Steve realizes he doesn’t have his car key.

Which was the only copy.


And so the calls begin – first to the library branch where the meeting was held, then to the used paperback store, & then Hot Topic. They mention that although they’ve found a random cell phone, they have, in fact, not found a key. Steve calls his wife & the car dealer to see how they can go about getting a new key, since it’s one of those fancy programmable ones with a chip (don’t you just love technology?!), & we look everywhere. The parking lot, the library lost & found, in & around my car, etc. We try to see if maybe he somehow left it in his car, but we don’t see it.

Le sigh. It seems to have disappeared.

I mention that although it wasn’t in the used paperback store, perhaps it fell out when we were fussing with the door in the parking lot? It’s a long shot, but there’s a chance. As it’s already starting to get dark, we head off immediately.

Steve digs around a little more in the car while he’s in the passenger side, & that’s when he spots it. There’s an evil little place between the middle… armrest/random stuff holder thing & the passenger seat. I lost my engagement ring in this evil little place once, & our iPod constantly falls down there. I personally believe gravity has an extra-strong hold in this vortex of doom, but I’ve no rock solid evidence to back this up. Someday, my 2000 Saturn LS will become the centerpiece in a vast scientific experiment with earth-shattering ramifications, just you wait.

Anyways – back to the story. Much relief is felt by both parties, & I take Steve back to the library so he can drive home in his car.

I proceed to the post office to mail off a few things, as people are wont to do at such a place. Then I reach into my purse to call Sam to see if he’d like Chinese for dinner & if so I’ll also call them to place our order for sesame chicken & two egg rolls.

My phone is not there.

Now, before we can proceed, we must rewind to the beginning of the story, to my visit to Hot Topic the previous day, when we were picking up prizes for the Mad Hatter’s Simply Maddening Tea Party. You see, as I was paying & the nice guy with the flyer idea was trying to remember how to perform a tax exempt transaction, my (very small but perfect!) purse was knocked off the counter. My wallet fell out, & I, assuming that was all, proceeded to sign the receipt & left.

Hot Topic totally had my phone. That’d fallen out along with my wallet when my purse hit the ground. & I would’ve never known if that evil little vortex hadn’t swallowed Steve’s key, thus requiring Steve to call Hot Topic.

Funny how things work, isn’t it?

So after this realization, I drive to Hot Topic, & ask for my badly cracked (but still usable!) phone back. They told me they only called Japan twice, but had otherwise kept my phone safe. Silly Hot Topic employees. Of course, my phone had no more juice left, & so I couldn’t call for Chinese until I got home & could use Sam’s phone. Which is exactly what I did – sesame chicken & two egg rolls.

So that’s the story of why I couldn’t order Chinese food until after I got home. I think I’ll remember this for ages.


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

3 thoughts on “Okay, so: Story!

  1. So, sorry! I locked my keys in the car last week and dad had to come all the way to Elyria from Medina. It was terribly humiliating. Glad the story had a happy ending.

    Good luck with your tea party! The movie looks bizarre but unforgettable. I do like a warm pig under my feet!

  2. Wow! Great story! Sorry it happened to you, but you told it so well I was very entertained. ;-) I’ve had similar frustrating experiences; often involving losing something but it turns out to just be badly misplaced/overlooked in the panicked search. Sigh.

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