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What is the deal with this weather?

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Although hot, it's not become quite this bad around here. Yet.

I have a confession to make: we’ve been using the a/c most of the summer. To be fair, it is killing me to do so, but this weather is just so unbelievably disgusting! Now, I don’t mind warm weather. I can handle up to about 85°, 90° if I’ll be doing nothing & have lots of iced beverages nearby. But here in northeast Ohio, it hasn’t just been 85+ since mid-June, oh no. It’s been 85+ with at least 70% humidity; usually more. That’s the type of weather where it doesn’t matter if you wash your face – it’s going to be covered in sweat in 15 minutes anyways. You can just sit, perfectly still, & be covered head to toe in sweat. In short? Pure torture. You can’t escape it, & everything you touch is damp.

You all know that I’m a bit proponent of fresh air & not wasting energy with the a/c. We never use the car’s a/c, & the Boy & I were resolved, originally, to live without the a/c. But a few days before the wedding, at three o’clock in the morning, he was bringing a third fan into the bedroom, just so we could sleep – yeah. It was time to give in. The a/c was turned on & we could finally relax. It’s been better for the kitties, too, as they have fur coats to live in. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable they were.

On the few days here & there that it’s been cooler &/or not disgustingly humid, we’ve opened the windows & rejoiced in the fresh air, but like clockwork, two days go by & we’re back to the oven of NE Ohio. I don’t like it, & I don’t appreciate it. All I’m saying is that we’d better get a truly amazing fall chock full of cool nights & rainy days. I miss being outside in the world!

How to deal with the hot gross weather:
» Stop using your oven. Grill, cook on an electric griddle, or start a raw-foods diet. Luckily, lots of produce is in season, so eating your fill of veggies is rather simple.

» Stay hydrated. It sounds obvious, but when you’re so warm, it can be tough to make yourself move to the fridge. Lemonade, iced tea, water, juice… keep them on standby. You’d be surprised how much better you feel when you’re fully hydrated.

» Invest in an ice pack. When I’m really overheated, I just sit with one on my neck, wrists, ankles, etc, transferring from one place to the next until I feel better.

» Learn to love the cold shower. Nothing cools your body down faster – definitely my favorite way to relax during this heat.

» If you’re going to be outside, don’t forget your sunscreen. Personally, I don’t use sunscreen all that often, but when I’m going to be out & about for several hours, I slather the stuff on all exposed areas. It really does help keep you cool by disallowing the sun to soak into your skin & therefore heat it up. It was a big help during all those hours in marching band…

» Popsicles are your friend. Not the sugary gross freezer pops you ate as a kid, but the kind you make yourself by pureeing your favorite fruit. Toss in some green tea & throw them in your freezer with a popsicle stick – definitely a great way to cool off.

What are your favorite tricks for keeping your cool? I think most everyone out there could use a new tip this summer!


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I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

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