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Whole Living is my favorite magazine. It’s one of the few health magazines out there that I’ve seen embrace good fats, & I can easily ignore the whole grain & low-fat recommendations. This month they featured quick & easy recipes that invoke the flavors of take-out (pizza, burritos, wings, & chinese dumplings), but are tastier & probably healthier. Above is what looks to be a rather tasty tomato soup (although let’s skip the crunchy bits of bread), & I love the idea of an inside-out dumpling. Obviously I would skip the wontons, but the combination of pork & chinese veggies are hard to beat. You better believe I’ll be trying this out!

Many recipes I create are similar. Yeah, I’ve discovered a lot of great foods I didn’t know I missed since going primal, but I think we all get craving for a certain combination of flavors. I don’t really miss pizza, or at least I definitely don’t miss the pain involved with eating it, but occassionally I miss the ooey-gooey mix of sauce, cheese, & pepperoni. Wings aren’t really off the menu, but certainly anything breaded is. Sam & I often eat chicken fingers, perfectly plain & fried as usual. They’re just as tasty, honest!

Are there any recipes you’ve re-created that hit the spot when you’re craving an old favorite? I came up with the gluten-free peach kuchen recipe out of a strong memory, but I’m curious what others have come up with. I want to try your favorites!


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