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Seriously, take a second & read that. Then read this. When you’re all done, take a deep breath, & tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Then accept the fact that the only way to get the no make-up look is to not wear make-up!

There is no magic potion that can replace eating well. There is no yet-to-be discovered salve that will cover the “damage” done by the passage of time. You don’t need a $150 cream to get “perfect” skin. Say “no” to all those expensive chemicals that combined no one really knows what is doing to us.

My adult acne disappeared once I dealt with my wheat sensitivity. Since adding healthy fats to my diet, my skin is smooth & my hair is soft. I use two drops of chamomile & jojoba oil on my face – $10 for about four months. That’s all I use on my face. I use baby shampoo (no conditioner) on my hair.

I don’t have perfect skin. There’s a chicken pox scar on my forehead that frankly, I find sorta cute. I’ve given up on my quest to make my pores smaller – turns out it pretty much impossible, anyways. No one has perfect skin. Anyone who looks like they do is either airbrushed to the hilt or is wearing so much makeup their actual skin can’t breathe, thus rendering it even more “imperfect.” I hit puberty hard & fast as twelve-year-old, & so have faded stretch marks in places I apparently should feel ashamed about. I don’t! I’m not going to shell out money for cream “guaranteed” to reduce their appearance. You know what’s reduced their appearance? Time.

Wash your face. Apply a natural moisturizer. Eat a well-balanced diet of REAL food. Wash your hair – it doesn’t even care what you use (some people can even get by not washing) Drink lots of water. Sleep well at night. Find a way to relieve stress. Smile.

You don’t need make-up. You don’t need a cabinet full of the latest chemicals they claim to make us beautiful. & you certainly don’t need to waste your money on a bunch of stuff “they” think you need. Learn to celebrate your impurities, because it makes up who you really are. Accept that skin ages, just like the rest of the body, & embrace each wrinkle, broken blood vessel, or stretch mark as a token of a well-lived life. Obsessing over beauty will do nothing but make you broke. Sure, you might look fabulous with all those products on. But is that the real you?

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely no one has the right to tell you you’re not.


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

2 thoughts on “The Simplicity Project >> A simple way to save money

  1. As someone who has never worn make-up except for theater productions (and even then, as little as I could get away with), THANK YOU! I hate that everywhere I go and practically everything I read is full of pressure to “erase” those so-called “embarrassing” lines around my mouth, or to put random colors on my eyelids, or to make my eyelashes longer.

    I get a lot of compliments about how great my skin is, usually followed up with “what make-up are you wearing?” I feel like people like us could publish a self-help book for make-up addicts! :)

  2. Isn’t it amazing? & we totally should. I could not BELIEVE when I found that article on iVillage. I don’t even remember how I found it, but damn. Talk about crazy!

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