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Dry skin & other worries

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Ugh, it’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Time to moisturize away all the itchiness & pain of annoying winter skin. Last year, I talked about my discovery of using natural oils in place of all the chemical-laden stuff they want us to use. Well, I’m here to tell you that my skin has never been in better shape. A part of that is because of the wheat issue that I finally resolved, another because of the high amount of good fats in my diet (avocados are your friend!), but there’s definitely been a change because of the natural products that I use. How do I know this? Because whenever I use a commerical product like St. Ive’s, Dove, or Aveeno, my skin just isn’t happy. Either I break out, become itchy, or I’m just plain dry. Gross!

So, here are my recommendations for you if you feel like coming over to the natural skin care side. You won’t regret it!

Jojoba oil: If you like using this but find the cost a bit on the high side, you might want to try almond oil or even olive oil. For my face, I use a pre-made mix of jojoba oil & roman chamomile essential oil, & that seems to make my face the happiest. Jojoba oil is the closest match to our natural oils, which is why it’s so popular & so effective, but I think an Ohio winter could get expensive quick if I only relied on this.

Cocoa butter: I like this stuff. It smells like heaven, so long as your idea of heaven is a massive hot fudge sundae. Now, if you want to try this, make sure you get the real deal, not some mixture that hardly has any cocoa butter. It’s not too bad price-wise, but it’s not something you can just pump & go. You have to warm it up in your hands in order to use it, & then you have to really rub it into your skin. I like to use it at night before I head to bed, when I have time to do this. Running around in the morning trying to beat the clock is not a good time to use this.

Coconut Oil: My absolute favorite stuff to use on my body. I think on my face it’d be a bit much, but I know that my skin does sucks this stuff up! There’s no secret place to find this – just head to the oil section of your grocery store & pick some up. I use Spectrum Organic, simply because it’s what my store carries. There’s no reason to warm it up – just scoop in & take what you want. It’ll melt in your palm. A warning, though – when I use this, one of the cats tends to lick my leg. Obviously, it tastes good, too. I would keep a separate jar in your pantry for cooking, though…

Ingredients like these, & others like avocado, have been getting a lot of press lately, & so companies are offering products that contain them, often labeling them with terms such as “all natural” or “nature-inspired.” Don’t believe them! Most of these products still use mineral oil as their primary component, & that’s one of the worst things for your skin. If you want to try out these magical ingredients, just use the real thing.

Just FYI: Absolutely nothing oversees “natural” & “organic” body care products! They can label anything they want with these titles, & they could mean nothing. It’d be better to just make your own products, something I intend to try soon. I think a combination of cocoa butter, coconut oil, & jojoba oil would make the perfect body lotion, & I think it’d be pretty easy & inexpensive to whip up. I’ll let you know how it works out!

Now, if you’re something you really needs a commercial product, give these a try:

Kiss My Face lotion: If you’re looking for a more traditional lotion, go with this. I’ve tried a few varieties, all to good results. It seems a bit high in price for me, but to be honest, I just finished a big bottle of this recently, so it lasts a long time.

Burt’s Bees Honey & Orange Wax Body Lotion: This is the heavy duty stuff that I use when my hands hit that ultra-dry stage during the most bitter cold days. It definitely hydrates the skin, but it doesn’t soak in as quickly as everything else I’ve mentioned. Oddly enough, it smells different to a lot of people – I just think it smells like honey, but others have commented that it smells like sweet tobacco or very medicinal.

So, what about you? Have you tried any of these products, for better or for worse? I’d be interested to see what your tricks are for keeping your skin perfectly moist! :)


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