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Simply having a wonderful Christmastime…

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I’m spending Christmas with my entire family this year – all six of us (my mom & dad, sister & her husband, & my husband) nestled in the house where I grew up. Because they live in the country, it’s quiet, cozy, & without the distractions of things like cell phones & internet connections. The decorations are generally kept inside; my mom has a snowman collection she puts out & the only lights are on the tree & around the big window in the living room. I’ve always found the quiet lights very peaceful, & look forward to it each year. A few cookies & a big cup of hot chocolate makes this time of year magical for me.

As for our family traditions, we get our stockings & Santa gifts (yes, I’m almost 30, but Santa still visits every year) right when we wake up, then settle down for the long session of opening up presents after a yummy breakfast of muffins & sausage. We take turns opening one gift apiece, then continue in a circle until everything is unwrapped. The rest of the day is spent enjoying the presents, be they movies, games, or toys (these days, usually of the electronic variety), eating yummy leftovers from our Christmas Eve dinner, & napping. We’re big on naps in my family.

I’ll be with my family from Christmas Eve through Monday or Tuesday, & during that time, we’ll do many things together: play board games, watch football & Iron Chef, take long wintry walks, & cook. The girls might go shopping, but all-in-all, we spend the holiday together.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas, no matter what you do. What did you ask for in your letter to Santa?


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

One thought on “Simply having a wonderful Christmastime…

  1. I’m over 30 and still believe in Santa. According to my mom, you only get gifts if you still believe. :D

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