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Apple, Bacon, & Gouda Salad

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I did a bad, bad thing: I bought apples in May.

“But Sarah,” you say, “What’s wrong with that?”

Apples in May are… well, they’re as bad as tomatoes in February. Especially when compared to mid-October Ohio apples, which are unbelievable. I’ll never understand what the big deal is about Washington apples. Same with California strawberries – our Ohio produce is amazing.

Which is why my craving for apples was a bit bizarre, but I went with it. I picked up four apples at the farm market, & although the flavor wasn’t fabulous, I enjoyed every bite. Thing is, right I’m just waiting. Soon there will be lots of delicious in-season local produce, but right now… ugh, it’s killing me. So I don’t really feel so bad, especially since I stumbled into this fun little salad.

One of my favorite meals is the classic hunk of cheese, hunk of meat, bit of fruit, & hunk of bread (sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?). Personally, I blame this on the epic quest fantasies I read as a kid (Mariel of Redwall, anyone? I swear the backpacks where they’d keep the vittles must’ve been bottomless!), but in any case, I love it. I often do this for breakfast, & did so this week. I threw some pre-cooked (by me, of course), crumbled bacon, a cut up apple, & some chunks of gouda into a container with some banana bread, & ran out the door. When I got to work, I proceeded to eat my breakfast, & realized that the combination of these three ingredients (gouda, bacon, & apple) was just perfection. I’ve eaten it three times this week, & loved it each morning. So I thought I’d share!

Apple, Bacon, & Gouda Salad

What you need:
Approximately equal amounts of:

  • chopped apple
  • crumbled bacon
  • diced gouda
  • squirt of lemon juice


How to do it:

  1. Throw a squirt of lemon juice on your apples to keep them from browning.
  2. Toss ingredients together. Best eaten when at room temperature!


Most people would probably tell you to ruin it by tossing this with some sort of dressing or sauce, but don’t let them fool you. The crisp sweetness of apple paired with the buttery taste of gouda & saltiness of bacon is perfection all on its own. Methinks I’ll be eating this quite a bit come fall.



Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah Amazing: 32. Teen librarian. Feminist. Fangirl. Nerdfighter. Ohioan. Happily entwined.

One thought on “Apple, Bacon, & Gouda Salad

  1. Re: your last bit – I KNOW. I make an asparagus-strawberry-mozarella salad. The original recipe had some weird lemon vinegar dressing, and ICK. It ruined all the flavors.

    Asparagus and strawberry go wonderfully together… give it a try sometime. I’ll have to give this one a try myself!

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