just a drop of simple sunshine


Hello! That quote over there on the right pretty much sums me up – all I need to be happy is a place of sunshine where I can play in my bare feet & feel the wind blowing through my hair.

I’m a teen librarian by day, so I read a lot, but I also love a good movie or tv show (I’m addicted to TV box sets – stay away as long as you can!). I’m often found experimenting in the kitchen. I’d like to live a simpler, greener life, surrounded by my books & bathed in sunshine.

I’m happily taken – Sam is the light of my life, but not the subject of this blog. He won’t come up much.

What you’ll find here is a mix of all the things I’m passionate about:
» Real food, espeically gluten-free living
» Living in harmony with nature, including green living & fun stuff like walking & gardening
» Finding true happiness through hobbies, journaling, & being honest with yourself
» Natural living & remedies, like yoga, meditation, & aromatherapy
» Finding peace by doing the things I love, like music, art, photography, & reading

It sounds like a grab-bag of things, but really, this blog is about my life. I hope you’ll stick around & see what’s going on, & that you take something with you from what you read. Thanks for stopping by!