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Natural Living
» Whole Living magazine: Basically my favorite resource for everything.
» How to avoid Monsanto: Where to find non-GMO seeds!
» A Better Mattress: Definitely still a dream for me, but mattresses use a lot of chemicals to create.
» Aura Cacia: I get all my essential oils & jojoba oil from this company
» Beauty Basics – the Bad Stuff: Eight ingredients you should absolutely avoid in the stuff you use. Learn them!
» Skin Deep: Cosmetic Database: What’s in the stuff you put on your skin?
» EWG’s Cell Phone Report: Get a safer phone!
» iHerb.com: A great place to order vitamins & supplements, especially vitamin d drops.

Going Green
» Live Green: Tons of resources at, you guessed it, WholeLiving.com
» Going Green.com: Lots of great ideas
» The Right Light: Have you made the switch yet?
» Do the Green Thing: Seven things you can do to green your life
» 20 things you can use twice before tossing
» 700+ New Uses for Old Things
» This Old House Goes Green
» Earth 911
» How to recycle anything

Stress, & how to beat it:
» The Tao of Pooh: Just read it. I’m no taoist, but I learned a lot about dealing with life from this
» Stretch the stress out: Totally works; I swear!
» Happy News: Read about some of the good stuff happening on the planet
» Chi Nei Tsang: Give yourself a belly massage
» Ten Step Weekend Revival Plan
» Orisinal Morning Sunshine: Adorable flash games
» Popcap Games: Play a silly game to take your mind off life.
» Now do this: For those days when you need help with your to-do list
» Daily Zen: Have a moment of zen sent to your inbox

Real Food & Cooking
» Nutrition 101: The Basics That Will Keep You Healthy
» The Omnivore’s Dilemma: Learn where your food comes from!
» Mother Earth News: mentioned extensively throughout Omnivore’s Dilemma
» Vertical gardening
» Elana’s Pantry: My favorite gluten-free baking blog. Try the brownies!
» Carbohydrate Counter
» Cook’s Thesaurus Meat category: Everything you needed to know about what, when, & how to cook your meat!
» Eat Wild: Where to find sustainably grown livestock
» The best way of eating: Hint! There isn’t one!

» Yoga is Yummy: Really great & FREE yoga videos
» Yoga, pilates, & mindful movement: Whole Living’s hub of my favorite sorts of fitness
» Six mood boosting yoga poses: Definitely among my favorites
» Living Yoga: An absolute must-read before you begin the discipline. Find it at a used bookstore!
» Trainer Tells All: Interesting observations from a long-time trainer.
» Online Stopwatch: Perfect for doing those sprints indoors.

So Amazing It Deserves Its Own Category
» The Oldest Trees on the Planet: I’m unbelievably inspired by these images!